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CEOs          Senior Leadership Management Teams including: Multi-cultural, Remote/Virtual, Distributed Leadership, Financial, Legal, Educational          President Level Teams
Boards of Directors          Political Leaders & their Teams          Professional Sports Teams & their Managers

The Challenge of Excellence offers a tailored service to Leaders and their teams at the peak of their performance and influence.

If you are a Leader at the peak of your career you will want to retain pole position. You know about the pressure to hold on to that position and that what worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. Either way, in whatever place you now find yourself, change is always in the air, because you are not an island and we live in a transient society, a transient economic, business, technological and political world, more than ever before. On a personal and professional basis your very being is being constantly challenged. If you want to stay in pole positon or reach just a bit further to get there contact The Counsellor@

If you are a Leader of Leaders, your Leadership Team will be facing all of the above challenges and more because the Leadership Team, whether it is a political or a business team, or a professional sports team, will always be in a state of flux, of internal change contrasted and conflicted against the dynamic of external change. A dynamic organism in a dynamic world. It wants to be in a state of positive flow, aspiring always to excellence, flowing through change, achieving new heights, containing the lows, pushing to retain the highs, but still in a state of flow.

Each individual person in this team is like a cog, a component in the wheel; each individual needs to be understood: minds AND hearts need to be heard, searched, so that every part of the wheel, the cogs of the team, is completely in sync. It is a rare team with rare and valued individuals within it.

How do we achieve this state of flow? Since 1989, The Counsellor@ The Challenge of Excellence has worked effectively with Executive Teams and their Leaders using a broad range of tools. She brings a vast web of experience to enable these leadership teams to achieve their goals and to maintain their position, flowing through their dynamic journey, achieving and maintaining a state of flow. The Counsellor will provide an in depth Needs Analysis with every cog in the wheel, with every member of your leadership team and with the team as a whole.

The Counsellor will then design and offer a program for change for your consideration. A program may involve short term work for a week or two, on a specific issue to be resolved or longer term work over months or a year.

Clients include ...