TESTIMONIALS – Young Unemployed to Young Entrepreneur Initiative

One year Programme for 18-24 year old long term unemployed (six months+) on Jobseekers Allowance

Sponsor, Mentors, Academics

Volunteer Business Mentors (senior level employees from major sponsoring bank) Feedback & Personal Learning

“Nothing I have ever been involved in has had the power to ‘change lives’ like this initiative … one of the most draining and rewarding experiences I have ever had in my 31 years working for the group.”

“Tsu’Chu Biz has been like a family to S (a participant) and she is really grateful for the genuine care and support your entire team has given her.”

“Three young people, with no qualifications, no visible self-confidence, and 15 years collective unemployment, are all set now to become young entrepreneurs.”

“The simple fact of working with someone at a basic level actually helps us focus on the key basics of business which we can tend to overlook in our day to day life. Looking at the things a new-start business person has to do really does help us question whether we are actually following our own advice!”

“The ability to focus a message, to encourage and motivate are all things we can do more in our daily work!”

“As a “doer” rather than a “mentor” in my personal professional life I was conscious that it was easy to stray into taking too much of a lead – especially when timescales were tight.”

“I expected the group on the course to be less motivated and engaged. It was a welcome surprise to see how focused everyone was. Also how enjoyable they were all to be around. I certainly saw many more smiles than in an office for these 2 days!”

“I was genuinely impressed by the participants. They all were very focussed, disciplined and passionate. I could see a noticeable improvement in their understanding of business concepts / financials / presenting. The key for me was that the participants were eager to learn and develop and it was clear that with a little structure and focus they had a lot of potential which the Tsu’Chu course did an excellent job on starting to unlock.”

“One of the most rewarding aspects of the project was to see the journey of the individuals. The raising of their confidence levels, the enthusiasm and most significantly the growth in belief.”

“The most valuable and rewarding initiative I have been involved with. The target participants i.e. young unemployed, in my opinion, are often overlooked with a lot of focus going on school pupils instead. However this is an invaluable scheme as young adults arguably need more support and structure as they don't have a formal education / development infrastructure around them.”

“I have worked with a number of different organisations and charities on various enterprise based programmes but never one as intensive as Tsu Chu. The delegates got a huge amount from the scheme as could be seen very clearly on the finals presentations which were all excellent and I know they all felt really proud about what they had achieved.”

Academic from Cranfield Business School – conducting research on the initiative based on the following:

“I am thrilled that two thirds of people have shifted! What an amazing achievement you and your team have reached” Jutta Tobias