TESTIMONIALS – Youth Entrepreneurship Education
Public Sector - The 4-day course - UK and internationally

LONDON METROPOLITAN POLICE, Tower Hamlets – Inspector Partnership, Stephen Manger   “From a police perspective Tsu’Chu Biz is an excellent project to engage with young people and help them develop key business skills. Young people with a sense of purpose is far more preferable than youths on streets with little to do, and I am sure Tsu’Chu Biz will play a valuable role in deterring youths from crime and disorder. I was particularly keen to hear about activity working with Youth Offending Teams to engage some of our more challenging youths.”

CARLFORD, HER MAJESTY’S PRISON & YOUNG OFFENDERS INSTITUTE WARREN HILL, Unit Programme Manager, Philippa Crisp   “I really enjoyed the experience and could see first-hand what you did with a bunch of kids who were incredibly difficult to motivate. It’s a testament to you and your team’s abilities and commitment that you managed to sustain their interest and enthuse them. It’s marvellous what those kids (‘Excluded’ & ‘Hard to Reach’ students) produced at the end of the week – what an achievement!”

LANDMARK TRAINING (for NEETS), CEO – Chris Mandl   “Thank you and your team for the fantastic work you did with our young people. It is attending events like this that remind me of the real worth of our day to day work. It means so much more to see the young people in action, than does the data that I normally have to measure our performance and success.”

LANDMARK TRAINING, Employment Engagement Officer – Jane Artup   “What a brilliant week last week was ! SO beautifully put together and being fortunate enough to be there for the first and the last day I really got to see how far our young people had come over the four days, some of them had made such a huge leap. So thank you!”

CHIEF OFFICER for the 2012 OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC GAMES, London Borough of Greenwich – Ray Gerlach   “I have been involved with two schemes involving young people from the inner cities and have seen at first hand the impact that the Tsu’Chu Biz course has had on these individuals. It has been quite remarkable to see some quite radical changes from sceptical introverts to confident, potential entrepreneurs . The course offers young people the opportunity to identify some of their quite often hidden skills and to understand how they can start to use them in different situations in order to fulfil their true potential. The courses have been very well structured and delivered, with particular attention to ensuring all participants are involved. I look forward to seeing the development of the course to include an Olympic and Paralympic element.”

LONDON ORGANISING COMMITTEE FOR THE OLYMPIC GAMES 2012, Enterprise Manager – Claire Bench   “I think the course is fantastic for NEETs (not in employment education or training) so that’s great you’re continuing to work with Landmark. I really enjoyed it, they were a great group of young people with some fantastic ideas!”

MAYOR BORIS JOHNSON   “London is bursting with bright young minds and this contest provides the perfect opportunity for them to unleash their talents. In the run up to the 2012 Games I hope more budding entrepreneurs are inspired to start their own businesses.”