Contemporary Counselling with The Counsellor@ The Challenge of Excellence – Overview

Our Practice provides an integrative counselling approach provided by Susan Kaye, The Counsellor@ The Challenge of Excellence. Susan has more than thirty years and thousands of hours of professional experience in counselling, coaching and mentoring for both private individuals and commercial organisations and for a varied range of clients and age groups; from youth and adult counselling to President level leaders of international corporations and multigenerational families within global family businesses to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and long term young unemployed.

Susan takes the view that no single methodology can treat all clients in all situations and therefore her Practice provides a carefully tailored and flexible approach to suit each of her clients’ needs, their personalities and their situations. Susan takes into account her client’s emotional, behavioural, cognitive (rational thought) and physiological systems as well as the facets of their social and spiritual lives and works to match a counselling or coaching approach for the person and the situation. It involves taking into account others to whom her client may be finding difficulties in relating. Sometimes it is possible to work successfully on a relationship without the other party being ‘present’ in the room. With years of professional practice in the fields of people development, business, government, professional football, family business, unemployment, career change, retirement and youth counselling, The Counsellor is able to integrate a range of methodologies for which she has developed specialist expertise, towards supporting clients to achieve the change they desire.

Clients come from vastly different walks of life, cultures and backgrounds and can bring a range of issues or one particular issue. Depending on the issue Susan will discuss with the client and recommend a way forward for counselling or coaching or a combination of both and which may involve short term focused or more longer term work.

If you are struggling with something at the moment whether it is a recent or a long term embedded issue; whether it is in your personal or professional life, whether that struggle is related to your own attitudes, behaviours and or beliefs or is more focused on a relationship, it will be affecting your happiness and potentially your health. Please contact The Counsellor@

The Counselling Space Susan will work with you confidentially, honestly and with an open mind to create a space of freedom. There is no judgement in this space so that what you may think is unspeakable, may be spoken…. and explored. Susan may challenge your assumptions, your thoughts, but never your feelings.

An Ethical Framework When you choose to work with a counsellor it is important for you to know that your therapist practices within a professional and ethical framework and that they undertake ‘supervision’ regardless of their experience, qualification and skill. A therapist’s supervision adds another layer of expertise to the service you receive and is strictly confidential between therapist and supervisor. The Counsellor@ The Challenge of Excellence adheres to the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy as set out by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) of which she is a member. Susan’s supervisor shares the following:

“Susan has real capabilities across a range of practice (based on my knowledge of her cases). Her unusual shifts of vision for people development and enterprise; her sincere commitment to her work; her professionalism and successful good outcomes show her to be a gifted practitioner of real integrity.“

John Schlapobersky BA; MSc; Consultant Psychotherapist, Author; Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck College University of London, Course Tutor & Supervisor