Family Business Counselling & Advising@ The Challenge of Excellence

The Counsellor’s areas of work with families in business ...

  • Succession Planning
  • ‘The Hero's Farewell’ – retirement for a founding Family Business (FB) member and succession issues
  • Joint counselling and or coaching work for family members who may or may not have roles within the business
  • Husband and wife/life couples’ family businesses – how to manage the balance of life and work together
  • FB Retreats for Founder level/2nd generation up to multiple generations - designing and delivering 1-3 day family retreats with educational components for each age group; may include family trees
  • Family Values & Vision and FB Values & Vision
  • Young Generation retreats and workshops on Entrepreneurship – uses the game of football (soccer) as the learning medium – age 13 years+
  • Individual family members coaching/counselling – identifying personal dreams/vision/goals for their future and the fit in the FB, or not. And communicating these to the family if relevant
  • Inter and intra group systems coaching - including roles and responsibilities of each system and the roles within the systems
  • In-law issues
  • FB and non-family member relations, roles and responsibilities within the FB
  • Cousin consortiums for large complex global family businesses – Governance, Family Office, Shareholder, Management

If you are a multi-generational family business experiencing challenges, or a young first generation family business seeking to build your future and would like to understand the chemistry and architecture of successful family business work, or wish to know more about The Counsellor’s work with family businesses, please do contact The Counsellor@