TESTIMONIALS – Young Unemployed to Young Entrepreneur Initiative

One year Programme for 18-24 year old long term (6 months+) unemployed on Jobseekers Allowance

Participants now young entrepreneurs, who have started their own business as a result of this initiative

“With the continuous help from Tsu’Chu Biz, I’ve managed to begin and develop a business of my own after being unemployed for some time. The coach mentoring I received was phenomenal, and there is absolutely no way I‘d know everything I do now if it wasn’t for the mentoring I received. My mentor genuinely cared about my business and wanted to help me succeed. Any time I was in doubt of something or needed some help, I always received assistance from one of the Tsu’Chu Biz team. My experience with Tsu’Chu Biz has been eye opening into the business world, and I now look at every business in a way I never did before. I now think “How can I help this business make more money?” or “How can I help this business improve?” Tsu’Chu Biz has helped me develop both my personal and business skills, along with some others which will all help me in developing my business further. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at TCB for all the wonderful help and support. You do an incredible job at helping young people get out and see that with hard work and determination you can start up a business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help from TCB! I would recommend all young people who are not currently employed to strongly consider taking part in the course provided by TCB as you will come out of it with many opportunities opened to you. You have nothing to lose and it could just change your life.”

“I am so thankful to you for all the help you gave me! I didn’t expect to be at this stage six months ago and I never thought I would ever get this much support. So thank you very much”!

“I have the ability to learn anything and achieve anything that I set my mind to. It isn’t that hard if you keep on going. I learned how to write a business plan including all the numbers, how to manage the numbers and how to launch an idea into action. The business mentoring has given me guidance and knowledge and has taught me how to organize and behave as a professional.”

“If it wasn’t for Tsu’Chu Biz I wouldn’t have thought about setting up my own business and would still be looking for a job. It has helped me 100%. The best part is the 1-2-1 mentoring as A is ‘really pushy’ and outlines steps for me to do each week. She not only gives me ideas, but also confidence.”

“It takes you out of the mentally depressing Jobcentre circle, it injects you with life and gives you a life changing opportunity.”

“I couldn’t be more happy … I have now gained knowledge in how to build and run a business and take on all the roles in running the business by myself.”

“ I didn’t think I would ever be able to start a business in such a short amount of time … support is there from the minute you sign up … coaching from left, right and centre … it’s less like an organisation and more like a business family.”

“I want to thank all of you for all the support, this program as been life changing for me your help has been essential and I’m forever thankful.”

“I would have never done it without Tsu'Chu Biz! “

“Before I came on Tsu’Chu Biz I was lost … finished … NOW I believe I can make something of my life.”

A Parent of 2 unemployed brothers (who have never worked) and who started a small Family Business   “With regard to their involvement with TCB I can only say that this has been a really positive relationship for them and aided considerably in their personal growth. We have never seen them so focused on achieving a goal as they both are now.”

A Parent   “He’s like a different person … that went to the dole … that came back different.”

Participant feedback to their TCB Professional Coach/Mentor   “You’ve helped me so much both personally and in business. I was so surprised by myself that it was easier for me to talk to people at networking events than I thought it would be (previously suffered from anxiety issues for many years), and I believe that’s because of what you taught me about the brain and how everything we believe are things experiences from our past etc. for me this was one of the biggest challenges, and now it feels easy, so thank you so much for that. My business is what I want to be doing, for the next 50 years even, so no matter how slowly things take off, I will be continuing with the business. Thank you for allowing me to contact you whenever I have a problem or a question that will really help. You have been an excellent mentor and I really appreciate all the help and support.”