Individual Work – Personal
You are...
  • At a time in your personal life where you are struggling with an issue or a decision that is causing you distress and anxiety. It may be impacting on your partner in life, your daughter, your son, your elderly parent, a family member or friend
  • Experiencing any of the following in your personal life: lack of confidence, relationship breakdown, loss, longstanding stress, decision making, low self-esteem, lacking in self-confidence, suffering from emotional abuse
  • The parent of a teenager who is struggling, who may be unfocused, without a sense of direction, without aspiration

“What can be a better acknowledgement of someone's expertise than to recommend your best friends to go to them for help? The "them" in this case is Susan Kaye whose expertise is delivered through insight, understanding and empathy in a velvet glove. She steadied my friends' rocking ships as she did mine. Thank you, Susan.” Bob Borzello, author, publisher, former CEO Camden Graphics

Bob Borzello, author, publisher, former CEO Camden Graphics

Individual Work – Professional
You are...

“I have known and worked with The Counsellor for over 20 years. Susan has vast experience in her specialist field – and in life, in business and with people at all levels of seniority, success and age. I like how she makes me do the work – and gets me to take what I learn and absorb/integrate it into me – rather than simply remember something that she said. That way it sticks. She is tough – and fair at the same time – and always makes sure that I have understood the questions, my replies and her comments. She is particular about language and this has made a big difference in my life. There’s a big difference between saying “I can’t forgive her for that” and “I choose not to forgive her for that”. Susan helps me own what I feel and what I then do with those feelings. Passionate about helping people achieve breakthroughs Susan is creative and generous. But more than anything, I always feel genuinely cared for.” David C M Carter

David C M Carter