TESTIMONIALS – Youth Entrepreneurship Education

The 4-day course – Students aged 13-19 years from schools across the UK and internationally

  • It gives you the opportunity to do something with your life and be someone
  • Magnificent! It was a brilliant course and also gave me 20 UCAS points and a better understanding of business
  • It helped me in a lot of ways, in business and football, and how to be a leader
  • Now I (know) have more abilities in my life
  • How good I look when I want to!
  • It was fun, and it actually feels like my own business
  • This course has given me the confidence to a brighter future
  • It was fun and I got to meet new people and it has been a big asset to my future
  • What I liked most was doing the presentation with my company and presenting
  • A new way of life, a life changing experience
  • That with teamwork you can achieve so much more
  • It has inspired me to go to university when I leave college
  • Amazing, life changing, friend making event
  • I enjoyed learning how to set a business up and the balance of football and business were just right. I loved the way everything related back to setting up a business. I learned a lot, not just about business but also about my own talents
  • So much, it’s unreal, about finance and business
  • I liked everything about this course. I’m proud of myself
  • It opened my mind to wanting more in life
  • The fact we could learn more than one way
  • This course helped me think clearly about the future and how to set up a business
  • It made me more aware of my talents and ability when talking, plus leadership
  • We learned how to work as a team, bringing all our skills together to develop our business
  • I liked the part where I was allowed to use my artistic skills
  • I liked learning how to start up my own business, the knowledge that I will need to make IT work. I would recommend this to others because it helps you how to cope with having stresses
  • It was a life changing trip!
  • What I liked most was doing the presentation with my company and presenting
  • I was nervous (about my future) but now I’m not
  • I received 20 UCAS points and (my mentor) helped me with my breathing techniques, by breathing 5 times to lower my stress
  • The starting point of my career

A Parent – JC   “The programme was very well structured and the practical nature of the course certainly fired my son with enthusiasm. There was a good balance between theory and practice and this meant that he was able to translate ideas into reality. As a result of the programme I have seen my son’s confidence grow and he is now more prepared to use his initiative in ‘every day’ situations and equally important, he is able and prepared to take responsibility for his actions. I would recommend this programme to other students and also encourage parents to support their children in being active participants.”

Alumni in contact some years AFTER participation …

“Hi, I was just wanting to let you know that I have got in to the University of Teesside to do business studies. I shall be starting on Monday. I wanted to say thank you to you and the rest of the group as I don’t think I would have applied for university if it wasn’t for you helping me to believe in myself and building my self-confidence. Hope you are all ok.”

“Hello, I’m sure you probably don’t remember me but I participated and won Tsu’Chu Biz in 2008. I wanted to let you know that I have my own business and I am studying radiography at Hertfordshire University. I really owe a lot of this to you all for being so supportive and pushing me out of my comfort zone. It really helped my confidence and obviously did my business mind wonders, thank you again”

“If your sponsors knew the impact it had on us from our point of view as opposed to just yours they’d see just how wonderful and useful the course is! Public speaking especially at such a great venue and teambuilding skills are just a few things we walked away with. To be honest if my college hadn’t invited me along I would never know a thing about business ‘til today. I never took business and right now as I train to be a nurse I’m looking into the future and I’m growing more interested in medicine. With the knowledge I gained from the course I can see that it isn’t impossible for me to one day own my own practice.”

“I’m not sure you remember me I came with my college, George Greens sixth form in December 2008. Our partnership group won the Tsu’Chu Biz (business plan competition). You have paved my life to a better business future. I won another entrepreneurial competition in East London two years after and realised my potential would not have been ignited if it wasn’t for you!”

A Parent – LB   “My daughter, R attended one of your courses three years ago… just to let you know that we are still selling her dance game (business)! She did so well in her GCSEs and was predicted A’s but got A* with a distinction in Business and ICT. We are very proud and think that the business opportunity that you gave her in Year 9 helped her gain the confidence and belief in herself that she has today. Best wishes.”

International Students

Below is some correspondence from Tsu’Chu Biz alumni who participated in the course in the UAE when they were 15/16 years old. Although they spoke some English, translators were used in the delivery of the course. They contacted us a few years later. We have left the correspondence as we received it!

“Hi, how are you, susan and how is you partner tony and the rest? Im not sure if you guys remember me but i was one of the students who partecipated in you lovely program ''stu chu biz''. Im so happy to be ably to contact you after so long, i realy wanna tell you guys that the education you have gave me is helping me alot in my life, thank u so much, i needed a push in leaning about biz, and i thought i knew alot but when u came u tought me alot, thanks to guys i have a better prospect, after i finish high school this year hopfully i will go to university and study liturture. After graduation from university im planing to teach in my lovely school and rais money to start my own biz, and im assuming that will start after one year of working , sure u might be surprised about one year but i have already set up a plan, i have already saved up 15000 dirhms which are about 5000 u.s dollers, but trust me i have a plan because i know how much teachers make. After one year of working im planning to open my own resturant or probably a video game store. O i forgot to tell you that i gave invested stocks with 1500 dirhms about 2-4 years ago before u guys came by while, so i kinda got a small start. i believe that god has gave us oppurtorities to get money and we should be helpful to people. Thank you guys so much for everything, i hope i made you at least smile, thank u for the knowlege u have given me, knowlege is priceless, i wish i could repay you. please contact me, thanks and come visit your always welcome.”

“Susan, its me (A) from Al Asayel school!!!!! We r going to go forward with our business KA-ching!! u really have no idea how much I miss u guys!!!!! In school me and S always stop by our classroom where we did Ka-ching (business) and we want to cry …we wrote a song about tsu-chu biz and we are always always talking about u, tony and A!!! I miss u soooo much and I love u! oh and culd u plz check up on the mentor thing we wuld relly appreciate that!! Could I have tony’s email plz???!! I downloaded a lot of his pictures from the net!! He looked different when he was young!!!!!”

Two English and two Emirati boys started a business with a mission to address the obesity and diabetes problem in UAE by providing healthy interesting snacks for young people at school. After the course they had a successful meeting with the management of a supermarket chain.
“Hey Susan, this is (J) from healthy j's from Al Ain I would just like to say thank you for the course and the chance to set up our own business. You have changed my life in teamship and the way I look at life. Please may u send my thanks to everyone else on the team. :). Will u email me bout the biz mentor so I can tell J and M about it. Thank you so much from J and J”